I have been a part of the Planetdance Family for about 13 years, and have had a close association personally with Miss Jade for many more. Throughout this time, I have worked closely with the development of Planetdance students and helped connect them with industry leaders and provided the students with professional opportunities. And many of the students have participated in my pre professional workshops and courses. I am more inclined to work with Planetdance students on all projects over other schools, not just because of our history, but also because I know that the students will be well groomed, well mannered and well versed in what is expected on a job. And the feedback we receive about these students from our clients is always exceptional. Seeing the Planetdance students achieve so much at such a young age, with many pursuing professional careers in our industry, is a testament to Miss Jade and her eye for selecting a top notch faculty who bring out the best of her students. I am very proud to have such a strong alliance with a performing arts school of this calibre and working with the team there, is like working with a second family for me! But most of all it is incredibly inspiring to see each and every one of these students develop confidence and life skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, regardless if they pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry or not.
PJ Clarke
Jeep Management
We have been a part of the Planetdance family for over 7 years now and can’t speak highly enough about our journey so far. The growth in skills and confidence in the students is a reflection of the high teaching quality, care and dedication that the teachers genuinely show towards the students. Seeing my daughter flourish, grow and gain confidence as well as the family relationships we have developed over the years has been more rewarding than winning dance competitions or prizes. Dancing has also helped maintain balance between studying and school and I love that Planetdance encourages all students to prioritise their education before anything else. I cannot recommend Planetdance highly enough.​
Tanya Sarafoski
My 4 year old daughter attends the 'Ready Set Dance' preschool program at Planet dance and absolutely loves it. Everyday she asks me if it is dancing day. The teachers are fantastic and engaging, incorporating jazz, tap and singing using musical instruments, puppets and age appropriate music. I would highly recommend Planetdance.
Heidi McGreggor
Planetdance has provided wonderful opportunities for my three sons including performing on stage and television. The boys enjoy performing all different genres but especially love hip hop, jazz and tap where the choreography is excitingly unique and on trend. Boys at Planetdance are well catered for with strong choreography and the all boy hip hop classes are taught by leaders in the industry. I wouldn't send my boys anywhere else other than Planetdance! ​
Nyree Cameron
It's hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since the first of our 3 children walked through the doors of Planetdance! And what an amazing journey it has been so far. Planet has brought more to our children than just the ability to be able to learn to dance. It's given them the opportunity to be able to grow into confident individuals, make wonderful friendships, feel safe and most importantly feel accepted! Our family is somewhat unique, both my husband and I have physical disabilities......we have taught our 3 amazing kids that no matter how hard the challenge, anything is possible. Our first daughter who is 13 started out as quiet and shy student, but has now blossomed into a passionate ballerina, who can't get enough of dancing with her planet family. Our middle daughter who has a form of dwarfism has a flare for Musical Theatre......she has times of long periods of hospitalisation and treatments, but her love for Planetdance and her peers is her drive to get her back up on her feet. For a child living with disability, there is nothing more comforting to know that you a valued and loved member of your class. Our last but not least is our 8 year old son, who can't wait to get home from school each Monday so he can dance with the "Boys Crew"! Thank you Planetdance for your support, your friendship and your community spirit!​
The Winters Family